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It's Time to Rethink What You Know.

WOW! Creative Design Group

Projects of Note

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For many years, W!CDG has worked with Bella's Cafe to design a series of promotional materials to bolster their standing as a favored breakfast spot in Connecticut:

Logo-marks (two) | Business cards | Website | Food photography | Outdoor Signage & Awnings |

Apparel | Drinkware

Our task was to inform CT employers of AJC's offerings and change the public perception of AJC by using a series of highly produced web videos aimed directly at the employers.

American Job Center Video Series

The videos needed to be short yet informative, with step-by-step instructions and on-site testimonials from businesses who were actively engaged with the AJC and who had/have benefitted from their services.


The range of topics allows employers to get the information they need to operate and sustain their businesses with support from the CT Department of Labor and the various incentives offered by the State and Federal Governments.

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