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United Way



2016 Report to the Community


WOW! was brought on by UWGNH to produce their first ever digital annual report, while we simultaneously designed and developed the printed annual report. Working with their communications department, we crafted each storyline using photos and videos as a backdrop. 

We were able to help UWGNH change what’s possible for people like Christina. After spending the day talking and taking pictures, Christina opened up and shared her story of chronic homelessness. Many people share a similar narrative and it brings us happiness to know that we helped spread awareness of UWGNH’s Zero:2016 initiative. 


Cutting costs while expanding reach...

Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it? UWGNH needed to figure out a way to reach a larger audience without blowing through their budget. A digital report allowed them to send their list of donors at the $250 and under level a simple postcard leading them to the website where all of the information on the printed report was available digitally. We reduced printing costs by half and generated more impressions than any of their previous community reports. 


Mobile-ready, loaded with engaging content


When developing the creative brief for this project, we knew that using videos to tell the stories of our subjects would significantly increase the emotional impact on the viewer. Much like the HFPG Annual Report, one of our main objectives was to inspire philanthropy - increase donations, collect sign-ups for volunteerism & partnerships, etc. By embedding videos into an image-driven design, we could essentially “bring the stories to life” with the click of a button. The seamless integration of video was a critical component to the success of the project.


* Snap, Snap *



Fresh off the press


UWGNH took a big step towards the future with their digital distribution of the annual report, but that fact remains that hardcopies are still the preferred means of communication with stakeholders, donors and community partners. There's just something about holding it in your hands... 

WOW!’s creative production team made us feel comfortable while shooting video and pictures which helped us to shine. The team really took the time to understand the impact of United Way’s work in the community.
Jennifer Heath, President, UWGNH

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