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United Way: Neighbor to Neighbor



The Story of the Scarves



On a cold snowy night in January, we set out with a team of people with one goal in mind - to hand out as many of our handmade scarves to the people who need them most. Our team consisted of members from United Way, their community partners and some local volunteers. Between all of us, we were able to distribute the scarves to people of New Haven and 6 of the surrounding towns. 

What made this experience special, is the way we connected local philanthropist (and one time homeless) Catherine to produce these scarves out of up-cycled sweaters that had been donated to her non-profit Tinaliah Designs and their Caring Coop. The Tinaliah Coop consists of women who were one time homeless or abused, as well as women who are refugees from war torn parts of the world. We were able to document their creative process and tell the story of the less fortunate giving back to their community through the support of the United Way of Greater New Haven. 

Our videos received 40,000 views in the matter of a couple weeks. We took the social engagement one step further by asking viewers to comment N2N in the comment sections to make a $3 donation to the campaign. Staff members from the UW followed up with each person who commented and we were able to generate dozens of donors in a fun and innovative way.


 What makes it all worthwhile are the comments like these...


"This is so awesome! I'm gonna start making tons of scarves now!!"

"Wonderful show of kindness. Way to go United Way!!!"


Part One

The team set out to distribute the scarves in New Haven and the surrounding towns. We received tons of awesome feedback from everyone we came across that night. Check it out =)

Part Two

The Story Behind the Scarves. We wanted to share some 💙  from Neighbor to Neighbor, and your response has been tremendous! Our Neighbor to Neighbor campaign is all about addressing hunger and homelessness in Greater New Haven. 

This is the story behind the scarves we distributed on January 31...


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