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Balanced Yoga



A useful website is a balancing act between design and technology. 

At the start of this project, we worked with Balanced to find the software that was right for their company. With only a single admin staff member, they needed a software that was robust enough to handle booking, payments and scheduling all from one place. We finally landed on MindBody, which is software that helps spas, hair salons and yoga studios to run more efficiently.

After completely redesigning their site, we integrated all of the MindBody forms, modals and portals into their new site framework so that the experience was seamless, taking place entirely on the Balanced Yoga website.


Sign up for a yoga class from the Downward-Facing Dog position!

Their schedule integration has proven to be the most time saving, since it updates and tracks registration in real time. Users can pay for classes right there on the site from a desktop computer or right on their phones.


We've got an app for that!

There’s even a free mobile app that comes with their platform so that users can get push notifications right to their phone if there are any cancelations or big announcements. This has helped to increase the purchases of annual packages (their highest price point) and reoccurring billing, which gets customer credit cards on file and charges it at the beginning of every month.


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